Boss DF-2 SUPER Feedbacker & Distortion

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29 mar 11:09
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Linkki: Boss DF-2 SUPER Feedbacker & Distortion
Kauppa: Soitin Jylhä
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Harvinainen 80-luvun BOSS-pedaali. Made in Japan in November 1988.

"The DF-2 was a pedal manufactured by BOSS from 1984 to 1994. It was made in Japan until 1989 when it switched to being made in Taiwan.
It was a distortion pedal closely related to the DS-1, but quite different sounding and feeling - key differences being less angular and more dynamic.
The main selling point was if you held down the footswitch, an oscillator would be tracked to your guitars signal to synthesize feedback. It wouldnt follow any note you played afterwards, just the one you were playing when you held in the footswitch. Its a cheesy feature, but good for making noise and weird sounds.
One of the things its most well known for is not being loud enough, the distortion signal was often quiter than your clean bypass signal. It also runs on 12V ACA adaptor up until a change in 1991 when it was changed to 9V PSA."
Soitin Jylhä

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