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Yrityksemme tarjoaa laadukkaita ja luotettavia sisäänkäynti ovia. Paras hinta sis. ALV !

We offer high quality wooden main entrance doors for a competitive price! incl. VAT.
Mostly, people, who want to create a cosy atmosphere and have an exclusive style, they prefer wooden doors. High quality of wooden doors will make Your house warmer and beautiful. We also have an option to produce old-style wooden doors for old town, cabins or old style houses.

We can paint the door in any color from the NCS color palette. Beside, we use a premium quality hardwood - JATOBA (Brazilian Cherry) - for a threshold. Jatoba threshold is 2 times harder than the oak threshold. We choose it for it's longevity.

Usually, JONAS VINDUER uses the ASSA locking and handles for the main entrance wooden doors. Please, check our huge wooden doors gallery, and You will find the most beautiful type for Your home.

Why to choose wooden doors?

-wood has very good thermal insulation compared with other materials;
-the thermal expansion of wood is the lowest. It is the lowest one, when talking about the materials used in windows manufacture. Thats why wood has unlimited design possibilities and the doors remains firm and stable;
-wooden doors are long lasting. Our doors meet the highest quality standards;
-wooden windows and doors - ecological. We use only natural based materials for the treating of wood;
-wood is breathing, it helps to control a humidity balance indoors.

We can deliver production to Finland, Sweden, Norway. Delivery costs additional. Get the highest quality production for a very good price!
We have a lot of experience in Scandinavian market.

-We are always looking for a serious business partners-

Please, visit our FB and Web page to see all types of wooden main entrance doors:

Web pages:,,
Mobile: +370 655 06 639
Telefon: +46 152 745 811
Telefon: +4752972801


A.Kaniuku str. 25, Lithuania
47297 Kaunas

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