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Yrityksemme tarjoaa korkealaatuisia ja luotettavia PVC-liukuovet, PVC-liukujärjestelmä. Paras hinta sis. ALV !

Our company offers high quality PVC sliding doors for a competitive price! incl. VAT. DIRECTLY FROM THE FACTORY!

Our company is selling only the highest quality PVC sliding doors. You can choose glass package type and color the same as for other GEALAN profile PVC windows. Possible to produce in a small or very huge dimensions, any color, 2 or 3 glass layers, with or without lock.

Here are two options of the sliding doors:
° 1st option. PSK type, recommended up to 2.8 meters wide, sliding door with top opening position. Before moving the door on another, when turning the handle the top of the door turn over a little and then the bottom shoves off and slips away.
Please, take a look at a link: https://youtu.be/Yldh8f03YqI

° 2nd option. HS type sliding system. This type of system can be manufactured in particularly large dimensions. Door frame width - 183 mm, this ensures a strong and stable construction.
Video link will help you to understand the way this system is opened: https://youtu.be/yUOVUkjm55s

Sliding doors are equipped with reliable and durable GRETSCH UNITAS - German fittings (G-U). The fittings help easily and reliably manage and open the sliding doors. You can always choose sliding doors only with a handle from inside or double handle from inside and outside + keys system. Therefore, You can lock the door and use it like an entrance.

We can deliver production to Finland, Sweden, Norway. Delivery costs additional. Get the highest quality production for a very good price!

We are new to the Finnish market, but we have a lot of experience in Scandinavian market.

Please, visit our Facebook and Web page to see all types of PVC sliding doors:

Web pages: www.jonasvinduer.com, www.rekkverkterrasse.no, www.vinduerfortak.no
Mobile: +37061818619
Telefon: +4752972801


A.Kaniuku str. 25, Lithuania
47297 Kaunas

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