Lake Keitele Log Cottage 350 é wke

Konnevesi, Mäntymäki
17 syy 10:15
Tyyppi: Vuokrataan
Katuosoite: Pyhälahti
Pinta-ala: 350 m²
Nukkumapaikkoja: Enemmän kuin 10
Vuokra alkaen: 860 €/vko
Ilmoittaja: Great Log Cottage Lake Keitele

Ilmoituksen tiedot

Great cottage for weekend 390 é .

The cottage has 6 spacious bedrooms, a large hall, large studios, a stables for pets and a large ceramic barbecue grill. Downstairs there is a shower / toilet. The utility room has a washing machine. The house has a large lobby and a large studio / class / work room.

This former elementary school was built in 1946. The cottage has been run as a community hall, a hiking center and an artists atelier.

The property is available for rent for families and larger groups. The place is well suited for caravans and boaters. In Pyhalahti there is a boat landing site and the guest boat dock. Location of Natura 2000 reserve is ideal for kayakers, fishermen and nature lovers.

The ground floor of the main building has a hall / living room with 24 seating places on the dining tables. The kitchen has a dishwasher, ice-cooler, freezer and a cellar.

The fireplace room has a double bed and a cot, in the bedrooms the beds are converted to both double and bunk beds. In addition, there are cots as well as sleeping alcoves.

The open terrace is on the yard side. The beachfront has a spacious wood-heated log sauna, boathouse and a large ceramic grill.

The entire building can be rented for banqueting. Housekeeping is available.

Jyväskylä 80 km
Äänekoski 50 km
Airport 60 km.
Konnevesi Church Village 24 km
Konnevesi National Park 30 km
Nature reserve 2 km

In the village of Pyhälahti you can find village film theatre Navettakino a Riihi Summer café and local fisherman to buy fresh lake fish.

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