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31 hei 23:37
Tyyppi: Myydään
Maa: Latvia
Kunto: Erinomainen
Ilmoittaja: Bille

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For sale

Bille is our hard-working family's masterpiece. Total territory is 12 ha
and for 2.7 km it has border with river Amata Latvias fastest river.
Through property goes 2 river channels. One of them runs under the
main building, making most of the territory like an island.
The property is devided into many pieces. There are located 2
profitable companies: nature friendly Billes HES, which produces
green electroenergy (not for sale) and a guest house Bille - one of
the biggest in Latvia. Also there is partly finished apartment building
with 28 apartments: total 2000m2 and many smaller pieces of land.
Bille is located just 66 km from the capital city Riga and 13 km from
local city Cesis (medieval city, beloved by tourists). Property is easely
reachable only 400 m from main road Riga-Pleskava (or Riga

Here You can see a Guest House video:

Here is a dron-video with most of the total territory.

Here is the link to guest house Bille profile in;label=gog235jc-

Bille homepage:
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