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Some information about merle genetic and breeding for the ignorant

In our breeding we did not want to do without this distinctive enrichment of our color range. Merle is also on the rise at the Bolonka and is beautiful. In the Chihuahua, Merle has been crossed by the Sheltie for decades.

The color Merle is not a fashionable new breed, Merle genes have established themselves and proven themselves for centuries in many high-performance working breeds. This can be clearly seen with the Australian Shepherd, Border Collie, Collie, Sheltie, Berger des Pyrénées, Beauceron, Dachshund, Welsh Corgi Cardigan, Catahoula Leopard Dog, Dunker, Great Dane, Pit Bull, Bobtail, etc. have seen for decades.

So there is no new color scheme, it has been available under this name in a dreamlike color spectrum for the last century. This color has always fascinated and inspired people. More colorful than Merle is hardly possible! Merle-colored dogs are an indispensable part of many breeds, so the wonderfully beautiful Merle drawing is now also finding more and more followers and lovers among the small dog breeds.

As with the newer other breeds where Merle has become fashionable in recent years, such as Yorkshire Terriers, Spitz, Pomeranians, Prague Rattlers, Cocker Spaniels, Poodles, Chihuahua, etc. It is important for the interested party that a breeder clearly declares his Merle dogs.

So a buyer can be sure that he is buying a beautiful and healthy heterozygous merle-colored dog with a clear color name! A heterozygous merle-colored dog is just as healthy and cheerful as any other colored dog.
Source German Merle Breeder

I am shocked what I have to read on Facebook! When I was almost 60 years old, I emigrated to Finland with my dogs last year and I have to do such disrespectful racist crap! 35 years of healthy dogs and happy puppy buyers speak for us! But nice to see how breeders treat each other. It is neither forbidden to breed merle, nor to breed in a club! At Merle breeding, the only thing that matters is a responsible genetic mating of the parent animals!
But it is good to know that people who have walked know better than a real veterinarian who regularly examines our dogs and every puppy! Every puppy buyer can decide for himself where to buy a puppy and in which color! And YES we speak German and not the best English! Im so sorry that My daughter bought two big farms in Finland and we move here without speaking finish! For us the most important was a new age, a new age in a county with a beautyful nature and the perfect home for our animals ! And yes that is absolut that what we found here and we dont regret our decision! And yes I would move again in a country without speaking the language! And jeez Christ Im not a fake because we use google translater for some text In the adds! Why cant people be direct and ask us!? Why people need to be so coward and talk shit behind the back from each other !? Especially other breeder who judge without knowing! And no our Veterinary would never vaccinate and chip a dog without check his health before! Should be the most normal thing on the world by a good veterinary !

I will never understand how people can be so deeply angry. If only they could be a little like their dogs. And not waste their time on internet lies and slander. We'd rather enjoy the time with our dogs than make ourselves a criminal offense on the Internet. Apparently many have too much time and are really very dissatisfied with their own Life!
I think everyone should take care of their own life and rather take care of their dogs than talking shit in the Internet !!! I wish humanity only had a spark of the character of our wonderful dogs!

and to my puppy buyers - Thank you for giving our dogkids such wonderful places and we are lucky that you are part of our dog family! Its nice to see how great the little Cuties grow up ! Our homepage should be ready by the end of the year.

And now enjoy and Let live

Aktual litter Born on 03.09.21 4 healthy big Boy Pennuts in unique special colours Some of them will become sky blue eyes! In Jamali! One is Reservate !
Mom is our cutie Brownie, a Bolonka Girl in Dark Choco tan and father out Davandeh in brown merle
Price is up from 1800 to 2200

Bolonkas are Teddys with heart !!! Perfect social family dogs Little intelligent not haired clowns From time to time have we free older teenage dogs from last litters For sure have all our puppys a EU passport and vaccination and was checked by a official veterinary from siunsote! Come and meet our family Purebred HEALTH Bolonka Zwetna Puppies for 35 years! In absolute exception colors We move last year from Germany to Finland and are happy to find in future here great puppy parents for our little family members! Move out not before the age of 12/14 weeks

35 years of breeding experience & 4 generations purebred healthy Dogs!

Our puppies go back to us for a lifetime and we look forward to regular contact after the move out in the new family , which of course also means that we are there for our puppy buyers 24/7! When handed in, well socialized and educated by us and the pack.

The puppys Grow up In the Family and know by moving out kids, other dogs, cats, horse and other household and farm sounds. Our parents live with us, as well as grandma and grandpa, as well as grandparents who are happy to meet you!

our breeding is registered with the veterinary office and regularly checked!

Of course, we would be happy to send you pictures of our babies from previous litters, so you can better imagine what the little ones will look like. we look forward to getting to know you! reservation with half the deposit and contract! and for sure, our puppies move into their new families with a starter package, EU pet passport and veterinary health certificate! We're looking forward to your messages!

We speak German and English and if needed we have a finish friend for translating!

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