ZyXEL ZyWALL USG 20 palomuuri

Mellunmäki, Helsinki

99 €

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Security on a New Level - The Future Is Ahead. Stay Ahead with Zyxel USGs.
As broadband quickly becomes a necessity in the business world facing network security threats, the breaches evolve into highly sophisticated attacks to paralyze networks and to steal sensitive information. In response to such attacks, small businesses have to meet the great challenge protecting their networks.

The Zyxel USG Series is designed for small business to provide real-time inspection and multi-layer network protection to prevent the network from threats. The USG Series embodies Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) Firewall, Anti-Virus (AV), Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP), Content Filtering, Anti-Spam and VPN (IPSec/SSL/L2TP) features in one box. In addition, the USG Series not only offers complete security license to fulfill your demand but also guarantees the continuous firmware upgrades to save your cost. Incorporating comprehensive security features in the connected devices, the USG Series safeguards your organizations customer and company records, intellectual properties as well as critical resources from both external and internal threats.

Robust security without sacrificing performance
Comprehensive support to IPv6
Robust hybrid VPN (IPSec/SSL/2TP)
Zero-configuration remote access with easy VPN
Support L2TP VPN on mobile device (iPhone and Android phone)
ICSA Firewall, IPSec certification
Content filter stops malware and Web threats
Powerful Email security
Non-stop Internet access with multiple WAN and 3G backups

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